MTC has extensive experience with vehicles import / export services and can quickly, efficiently, and affordably get you all you need, no matter where you’re located. We provide a full range of services ranging from a simple importation of a vehicle you have found, to a full sourcing of a specific vehicle and all associated processes involved. The choice is yours.

Loading Vehicles

Container shipping for overseas destinations is the safest means for vehicle export. MTC will load your vehicle into the container at one of our warehouses located throughout the U.S.
Wooden braces will be placed around each ot the tires and nailed to the floor of the container, and a numbered seal will be inserted through the doors of the container.

Heavy Equipment

When you need heavy equipment for your business operations, MTC is a partner you can trust for a fast, seamless process. our team can take care of the logistics and procurement to make sure your equipment and parts arrive from the united states to your destination as soon as possible – and at reasonable transport prices. we can assist you from start to finish so that your equipment gets there right on time.